Development and Technology

Ascensores Excelsior invests every year in the latest technologies regarding with network systems, IP Telephony and communications. In that way, we can constantly guarantee a high quality service for our customers and suppliers.
In addition, the working team has developed and customized software with a high degree of integration towards business and administrative management.

Ascensores Excelsior also cares for the constant training of its technical and administrative staff so they can take advantage of these computing technologies on all the work areas of the company, offering a better service and optimizing their work. These are the following computing resources:

  • The Business Management System (ERP)integrates the purchasing activity, sales, management and the remaining important areas of the company.
  • Documentation management systems for the consultation of technical documentation regarding manufacturing and historical information of our facilities and its management.
  • Innovative call-center which provides customer service working operating 24 hours a day. Help for incidents and rescue with our own personnel.
  • Our personnel in the commercial department operates with tablets with customized software.
  • Our personnel operates with pdas. Thanks to which the can immediately receive warnings and technical consultation from operators and managers. Such technologies ease the elaboration of job reports.
  • The use of GPS systems for the car fleet helps in the planning of our technicians´ routes, so we can guarantee an immediate customer service.
  • Sophisticated software for designing and manufacture elevator parts, as well as the elaboration and registration of maps. 


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