Madrid, March 20, 2013.

Grupo Excelsior, company that manufactures, installs, maintains and rehabilitates lifts, elevators and stair lifts, today announced the redesign of its corporate website The second version of the Web was created to facilitate the user navigability and usability. New updates to the Web provide more relevant, practical and visually appealing.

The corporate website, which is an update of the Web created in 2006, provides users with a new organization of information about products and services offered by the company to competitive market rise.

The new division of the contents are based on seven main sections, among them is the newly created division of Accessibility (Stair lifts and home elevators), Buildings without Lift (area reserved for the rehabilitation of buildings for the installation of an elevator in farms lack thereof), lifts and platforms, services, Excelsior Group (area reserved for corporate information), News and Contact.

Changes to the Web include also an area reserved for Elevators Latest installations by Excelsior, a seal 100% self-produced, different possibilities of contact with the company and shortcuts to the new profiles on major social networking company.

New organization of content
The redesign of the new Excelsior Lifts Web has led to a further restructuring of the contents of products and services at the old site. The main sections are:

Accessibility: is the section dedicated to those products and services to save architectural barriers that impede access to those with disabilities to different floors of a building levels.
Among the products offered to the market accessibility are: the domestic Elevators, which is promoted with special emphasis on newly launched Eco-peak lift-Excel, the vertical stair lift, stair lift chairs and stair lifts.
Buildings without lift: section on rehabilitation of buildings for the installation of an elevator in farms without. This section consists of two areas:

- Exterior Elevator. Area reserved for the explanation of the Parade Ground, and Accessibility for Gateway Town house facade.
- Interior Elevator. Area reserved for explaining stairwell, and Heritage Forged break.

Elevators and platforms: this section of the site is dedicated to lifts directed to people (in this area is detailed differentiation between electrical and hydraulic elevators) and lifts loads directed to industrial (area which details the difference between Forklifts, Vehicles Lifts and Dumbwaiters). There is also a classification of all booths Excelsior Lifts are available to their customers.

Services: Web section devoted to the maintenance and modernization of elevators, lifts, platforms and stairlifts.

Grupo Excelsior: corporate section of the company, are dedicated to the area about us, Factory, Customer References, Certificates of Quality and Technology R & D.

New content and communication with customers
One of the main challenges raised in Excelsior Lifts update when your website was the greater emphasis on communication with customers. This has enabled the company to enter new areas more easily contact with the company. Among the main innovations is the area reserved to the last site where the company will go up periodically pictures and a brief description of the product installed both on private farms and businesses.

It also incorporates a new section dedicated to the latest news of the company, while buttons are enabled Excelsior Group profiles on social networks on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Sergio Garvía, marketing director Grupo Excelsior, said: The redesigned site focuses primarily on a change in terms of design, more care and detail, where we intend to be relevant and meet the significant demand sector rise in our country and beyond our borders. We have also made a significant emphasis on raising a communication channel with users and keep them informed about new products and offers. At the same time we have improved access to social networks and information about company news.



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