Precision laser technology and technical control are TRUMPF machine’s characteristics.

In this case we want to speak about TRUMATIC model that has recently been acquired by Group Excelsior, the Spanish elevator company.

The different advantages obtained by the company are:

  • Versatility.
  • Designs and finishes with special shapes.
  • Obtaining high speed processing.
  • Different materials and great use of it.
  • The machining virtually has no scratches.
  • The material rests motionless on the desk while the laser is moved over the item.
  • The system processes the parts, leaving them ready for installation and are profitable even for sheet metal processing in small batches.

The TRUMPF laser is a multifunctional tool developed specifically for the processing of metals of different thicknesses and different materials such as steel, aluminum, etc..... This laser is designed to cut, but can also be used for marking, identification purposes, for pre-punching materials or process sheets coated parts.

This amazing machine allows you to choose the most appropriate field work for the dimensions of the parts to be processed.

With this, Excelsior has made considerable savings in relation to program time, which improves the overall level of productivity and gets great results in the hard day-to-day processing.



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