Due to actual market conditions and after almost a century of serving completely the fabrication, installation ,maintenance, and repair markets, here in the community of Madrid, Excelsior Group has oriented its expansion towards the Exportation Market. To do so we count on an Exportation Department fully prepared to take on the task and highly qualified personnel within the international market..

The departments current objective involves increasing consciousness about our certified Brand outside of Spain, constructing  a solid net of worldwide colleagues and colaborators ,to promote and administer  the products where daily , and with more frequency , the demands surface.

Our Website is currently available in three international languages, Spanish ,English and French, and we´re continually  working  with our  worldwide colleagues  in order  to create a strong presence of our  brandname  Excelsior, within there respective international markets.

The fact that we fabricate our own products at our own factory makes it very possible for us to offer a product highly adaptable to worldwide regulations and safety measures. Actually our units are currently at work in many other countries. 

Our current and final objective remains the same, here and internationally, complete  customer satisfaction.


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