When we considered to create a corporate video,  our main goal was to publicize Excelsior as fully as possible, in order to strengthen our brand image in the vertical transport sector.

After several hard work months, we are proud of presenting the new group´s corporate video.

With more than 90 year  history  and present at national and international level, it has been wished to transmit the viewer the hard work and dedication that there are in each of the departments that make up the company.

The video reflects the clear commitment of Excelsior with innovation, research and development of each of their areas to always get an excellent quality product in line with the demands of the sector.

In 6 minutes we have condensed all the activities of Excelsior Group. In addition, in the video we wanted to reflect the profound change in design that we took on our website to improve the accessibility and search.

With the edition in 3 different languages ​​(Spanish, English and French) to reach the most customers throughout the world.

We hope you like the new corporate video.


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