We just launched the new models of residential elevators GFR2 and TGR2, whose sketches have been designed 100% in our factory by our engineering team.
We are very pleased with the results, that surpassed quality inspection. So we are proud to report that are now available to all our customers and worldwide distributors.
Both models can reach a speed of 0.20 meters / second (as the normative requires) and a maximum capacity of 300kg / 4 people. These have an electric operating system (Gearless), pointer in the sector market, which significantly reduces consumption among other notable advantages such as noise reduction, providing greater comfort.
The difference between the two models is that the TGR model has the possibility of a moat and headroom, while the GFR model has only the possibility of reduced pit.
EXCELSIOR achieves an intelligent use of energy, satisfying the needs of our clients, adapting to the current regulations and in compliance with all environmental requirements, always at the forefront of our sector.
The emerging waste management and environmental technologies implemented in our products are just a sample of the EXCELSIOR bet for the preservation of the environment.

ASCENSORES EXCELSIOR: Lifting your quality of life.


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