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After nearly a century of local market coverage, we have created a separate department that will focus its efforts in the expansion of our business dealings to include new, developing international markets. The export department’s aim is to increase brand awareness outside Spain, build a strong network of associates and partners around the globe and to promote and administer our products where demand requests them. 

We have developed our website in three languages (Spanish, English and French) and are continually working with our partners in various markets to create a strong presence of the Excelsior brand in their perspective markets.

The fact that we produce all our products in our own factory makes possible for us to provide a product in every country without additional concern about it meeting the country’s specific rules and regulations. That is because we can adapt to those rules and produce every product based on the requirements at hand. Our aim and end goal remains the same, full satisfaction of every client we do business with, every partner that we collaborate and ultimately to provide an uplifting experience for every person that uses Excelsior elevators.



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