In compliance of the article 10 of the Law 34/2002, 11 of July, on Services of Information Society and e-commerce, the following company data is provided:


Place of Business:  Calle Baños de Montemayor, 5       28005 Madrid SPAIN

Teléphone: +34  915 172 700 / Fax: +34 915 174 251


In like manner Guillermo Fabián, S.L publishes and develops its webpage under the domain

1. Intelectual propierty

The source code, graphics, images, photographs, sounds, animations, software, text, as well as the content collected in the site are protected by the Spanish law over the rights of intellectual property and industrial ownership of Guillermo Fabián, S.L. and its commercial name ASCENSORES EXCELSIOR and no part of this webpage may be copied or published, wholly or partially. We do not give permission for its procession, distribution, dissemination or amendment or other legally recognized rights to its owner, without permission prior written it, by the owner of the website. The user can use the material on this website for his personal and personal use, not be used for commercial or illicit purposes or any other use other than personal and private. All right of intellectual property are expressly reserved by Guillermo Fabián, S.L. and its commercial name ASCENSORES EXCELSIOR.

Guillermo Fabián, S.L. as representative of Ascensores Excelsior and its Group, will ensure that the above conditions are met as well as the correct used of the presented content in its web pages, he will take all the civil and criminal proceedings in case of infringement or breach of these rights by the user.

2. Personal data protection

Within the framework of compliance with present legislation included in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, regarding the Protection of Data Act which aims to guarantee and protect  personal data, fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, and especially their honor and personal privacy, Guillermo Fabián, S.L., informs the users that in the present website any personal information is asked or registered.

3. General information

A.- The GRUPO EXCELSIOR website may use cookies to collect and use data that can be stored in your computer. They are small files sent by our computers to yours. However, the wont give us information about your name or any other personal information about you. When the user is connected to the GRUPO TTV web pages, the server where it is located will recognize your computer IP address, day and time you start and end the visit, as well as the information of the sections you visited. It is necessary for the server to know this data in order to communicate and send your requested data and be displayed in your screen.

B. – GRUPO EXCELSIOR and Guillermo Fabián, S.L., may modify, without notice, the information contained on its web site, its configuration and presentation.

C.- GRUPO EXCELSIOR and Guillermo Fabián, S.L., commits by this means not to make misleading advertising. For this purpose, therefore, not be regarded as deceptive advertising or formal numerical errors that can be found throughout the content of the various sections of the GRUPO EXCELSIOR web page, resulting from  maintenance and/or incomplete or defective update of the information contained in that sections. As consequence of the information displayed in that point, GRUPO TTV is committed to fix such errors as soon as the are founded.

D. – GRUPO EXCELSIOR and Guillermo Fabián, commits to NOT SEND COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM LIKE SUCH in conformity with what it is stipulated in the Law 34/2002 of the Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Trade. To that end, it will not be considered to be a commercial communication all the information that should be sent TO THE CUSTOMERS of GRUPO EXCELSIOR provided its aims is the maintenance of the existing contractual relation between the customer and the companies of the Group, as well as the carrying of the information tasks, formation or other activities inherent to the service that the customer has signed up with the company.

E. -  GRUPO EXCELSIOR and its legal representative, Guillermo Fabián, S.L., are not responsible of the non fulfilment  of any applicable rule in which the user  could incur in the access to the present web site and/or in the use of the information contained in it.

F.- GRUPO EXCELSIOR and its legal representative, Guillermo Fabián, S.L., will not be responsable for the damages and prejudices produced or that could take place, whatever its nature, derived from the use of information, the matters contained in this web site and the programs it incorporates. The links and hypertext which allow the user, through the present web site, the access to the benefits and the services offered by third parties, do not belong neither they are under the GRUPO EXCELSIOR´s control;  the above mentioned entity is not responsible neither for the information contained in them nor for the effects which could derive from the mentioned information.

G. – All things considered, the Use is the only responsible for the use its makes of the services, contents, links and hypertext included in the present web site.

H.- GRUPO EXCELSIOR and its legal representative, Guillermo Fabián, S.L., are not responsible for the illegitimate use that third persons could do of the names of trade marks, names of products, which not being property of the above mentioned entity, appear in the present web site. Neither is responsible for the integrity, veracity and legality of the contents of the links to the webs to which can have access from the present web site.